Women’s Month: Meet The Pronaf Woman And Other Credit Lines

International Women’s Day – celebrated on March 8 – marks a milestone in honoring women’s efforts to participate more actively in society. In family farming, female labor is showing its worth more and more. Proof of this is the creation of the Pronaf Woman .

Line of credit was specially developed for the female audience, the main goal is to make women achieve good results and improve the quality of family life . Certainly, it is necessary to give the farmers an incentive to be able to produce.

In this post we will discuss the role of women in the labor market and the Brazilian economy. Also details about Pronaf Women and other forms of financing that can be used by women farmers.


Learn more about female participation in the professional and economic scenarios

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Thinking that women are not able to perform some functions in the job market is a pitiful mistake. Today, it is possible to find them occupying diverse positions, like software developers, farmers , taxi drivers and truck drivers and presidents of companies.

Although the participation of women is quite expressive in the Brazilian economy, there are barriers to be overcome, the main one is the issue of equal pay.

According to a survey by Catho, women have lower pay than men in all positions. Disclosed in 2017, the study shows that consultants, for example, receive a 62.5% higher salary than consultants.

Even with an unfavorable scenario regarding professional enhancement, women have shown that they have a strong ability to provide skilled and efficient services. According to a survey by the Brazilian Association of Rural Marketing of Agribusiness (ABMRA) , women are responsible for 31% of rural properties in Brazil. In 2012, this number reached only 10%.

In a short period of time, the number of women in the field has tripled. Carried out in 2017, the survey collected information from 2,090 farmers and 717 cattle ranchers from 15 states.

With the intention of strengthening the presence of women in the countryside, the Special Secretariat for Family Agriculture and Agrarian Development (SEAD) started in 2017 the international campaign #Rural Women, women with rights. The initiative aims to strengthen the role of female labor in Brazil’s sustainable development.

Today, there are women working in the fields, in extractive reserves and in indigenous and quilombola communities, playing an important role in family agriculture. Their relevance in the harvest is undeniable for the sustenance of their families and for the consumption of Brazilians living in urban areas.

According to the 2006 Agricultural Census, women manage 12.68% of all rural properties in the country. Considering the places destined to the familiar agriculture, this index reaches 16%.

The trend is that these numbers will be higher in the coming years. One of the reasons is that women in the countryside are increasingly aware of their contribution, especially in providing families with better skills to improve production in quantity and quality.


Understand how Pronaf Women works

women workers

Strengthening the role of the female labor force in the countryside is a major challenge to improve the quality of life in rural areas. With this in mind, Pronaf OM Credit was created in 2003, whose focus is to provide credit for women farmers , based on the presentation of technical projects or simplified proposals.

To obtain funding, the rural producer needs the Pronaf Declaration of Aptitude (DAP) with up-to-date data. The Pronaf Woman can be used for various purposes, for example:

  • Items directly related to the implantation, expansion or modernization of structures of productive activities;
  • Construction, renovation or extension of permanent benefits and installations;
  • Acquisition of machinery and equipment, new or used, respecting the rules of Pronaf More Food;
  • Finance agricultural and non-agricultural activities;
  • Expand animal husbandry;
  • Produce various processed foods (biscuits, jellies and cheeses).

It is possible, in the same family unit of production, to be entitled simultaneously to two financing of this line of credit. To achieve the new loan, the following criteria must be met:

  • Pay at least three installments of the previous financing;
  • Present technical assistance report proving the regularity of the project and the ability to pay the installments;

The Pronaf Woman has its own characteristics, but it does not differ from Pronaf More Foods , with respect to interest rates and limits. Proof of this is that the limit for Pronaf OM Credit is R $ 165 thousand , the same amount available in PMC Credit .

Still, for women farmers in the variable group of Pronaf OM Credit, they can borrow up to R $ 330,000 . This resource should be used in poultry, aquaculture, shrimp farming, fruit growing and swine farming.

Pronaf OM Credit is also part of rural microcredit . In it, financing is available for women farmers in the DAP group B. The loans can reach R $ 5 thousand, with interest of 0.5% and a two-year term for payment.

Certainly, Pronaf has sought to improve the income and quality of life of women in the countryside. To this end, it also counts on the partnership of technical assistance services and actions aimed at commercialization, such as the Food Acquisition Program (PAA) and the National School Feeding Program (PNAE).


Learn about other lines of credit available to women farmers

Learn about other lines of credit available to women farmers

The Pronaf Woman has contributed a lot to stimulate the rural workers. Today, there are other lines of credit that can perfectly behold the women farmers. One of them is PMC Credit , where financing includes investments to increase productivity . In addition, the loans aim to reduce production costs, which is essential to increase family income.

PMC Credit also makes it possible to purchase equipment and computer software that contribute to improving the management of rural enterprises. Managing production efficiently is a decisive factor in achieving good results.

An interesting line of credit for family farmers is OCP Credit , whose focus is to include individuals who have a simplified proposal or technical project. Features should be used for some purposes, such as:

  • production of agroecological basis or in transition to this mode of cultivation, according to parameters of the Ministry of Agrarian Development (MDA) of the Family Agriculture Secretariat (SAF);
  • implementation of organic production systems, following criteria of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA);
  • implementation and maintenance of organic or agroecological-based enterprises.

If you are interested in more information about Pronaf Women and other credit lines, click on the baner below and contact us. It will be my pleasure to serve you!