With Friendly Recommendation

This recommendation concept, in which employees recommend their acquaintances a job at CCQ, has proven itself not least thanks to its speed and effectiveness in recent years.

Satisfied employees recommend us

Hard facts about a job can provide classic job descriptions, but how can a potential new employee learn about soft realities such as corporate culture , job diversity, and team spirit? “At this point our colleagues are the best ambassadors, because only satisfied employees are happy to recommend us”, is the experience of BTI Finance, Head of Central Personnel and Welfare at CCQ.

At CCQ, it is therefore very welcome when employees forward advertised vacancies to personal contacts from the circle of friends and acquaintances who would be eligible for the job. There is a bonus for a successful contract.


Project manager brought former colleagues into the team

Project manager brought former colleagues into the team

Also at CCQ again colleagues: JZ Credit and VHI Credit inc. from the area of ​​bank organization / project management

Since 2010 JZ Credit as project manager at CCQ Bank. She liked the job so much that in the same year she tried to get her former team member VHI Credit inc. into a job as project manager.

“When the vacancy landed in the mailbox via e-mail, I had to think directly of my former colleague,” remembers Willms-Zorn. Both previously worked in the software development field and had successfully worked together for various projects in the banking environment for many years .


Interest aroused in long term

Satisfied employees

“When JZ Credit forwarded the job to me and explained how CCQ manages projects, I knew that this is not the case in many companies,” says VHI. During an extended telephone conversation, the two ex-colleagues discussed all the essentials – VHI’s interest was aroused in the long term . “That was really fast,” expert says: “I feel very well at the CCQ Bank and I could VHI Credit inc. probably mediate that way.” Immediately afterwards VHI sent his application documents to CCQ, the rest is history. “In addition to the broad range of tasks, I particularly value the human interaction, the training opportunities and the company structure,” explains VHI, who is now group leader for the test center at the BATC.