Assist Colleagues In Other Divisions

VCI does not work according to the motto “Hire-and-Fire”. The focus is on retaining employees in the long term . Since it can sometimes come to uneven workloads in different divisions. We try to compensate in part by a short-term internal change, which also benefits the employees themselves.


Two colleagues describe their experiences.

Two colleagues describe their experiences.

“Last year, with two colleagues, I took on duties from the Service Center in Stuttgart for six months in Offenbach. The new activities had little in common with my previous work in the purchase.


Different tasks

new job

In the purchase, transactions are checked individually , while in the service center, the task was rather to process large quantities . It was a good experience and guidance for my career development. For this reason, I would use the opportunity of job rotation again and again. “

“Recently, I helped out in the service center as part of a job rotation. This assignment was limited to a period of eight months and gave me new insights and a better understanding of working in another department of VCI Bank.


New insights

new loan

A change of location was not necessary , it was granted for Offenbach an area for the team of the service center. Most of the colleagues reacted positively and the cooperation worked well. For me, it was interesting to get to know the diverse tasks of our service center and to gain an impression of what these colleagues are doing on a daily basis.

In my previous activities in the payout, I have reviewed primarily submitted contracts and customer records. In addition, I was responsible for communication with dealers , if for example documents were missing. For the Service Center, I have taken on quite different responsibilities, ranging from calculating transfer fees , answering customer questions or complaints, to managing master data.


Own experiences

Own experiences

I would like to do another job rotation to gain a better insight into the processes of the other departments of VCI Bank, to get to know other colleagues better and to expand my knowledge. Personally, I gained a better understanding of the Service Center’s operations and a fresh look at my own payroll work. “